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Talk it Out... Men's Processing Group

This is a processing group for men only, 18 years and older, who are looking to continue the journey of self-discovery by practicing vulnerability, acceptance, and developing better coping skills.  Life can be difficult, and having the proper support and tools can make all the difference.  We men, have often been taught the wrong coping strategies.  Many of us have learned to avoid our emotions and/or keep them to ourselves.  This faulty thinking can have a devastating effect on our lives, including isolation, and possibly seeking out negative or harmful ways, to deal with the emotional pressure.

Talk it Out... Men's Divorce Support Group

This is a support group for men who are 25 to 60 and is thinking about, currently going through, or has dealt with a divorce or separation from a wife, partner, or a long term relationship. We will dive into issues such as feeling overwhelmed, confused, depressed, and exhausted. Divorce is a traumatic event, and this group will help men Talk it Out rather than Tough it Out.