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Where Social Skills Means Building Relationships



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Relationships and Sports

Time and time again we see coaches and athletes talk very emotionally about the loss of relationships as they are leaving a specific team.  We hear stories about all the time spent together traveling, planning, practicing, resting, eating, and simply goofing around. 

These relationships are on display for the rest of us every day as we watch them celebrate with a unique dance, handshake, or hug.  Through social media, we read about an athlete sticking up for another, or extending congratulations after a victory or championship.  So, Why is this Important?

It’s important because both research and experience have shown that good relationships lead to success and happiness.  Since 1999, the San Antonio Spurs basketball team has won the NBA Championship 5 times, and many experts have labeled them a dynasty.  On paper they are neither the best players nor the highest paid players in the league, but they usually are the best TEAM in the league.

The Spurs put a priority and emphasis on having great relationships within their team, and they have set a wonderful example for the rest of us.  No matter what kind of “team” you are a part of, prioritizing good relationships will be time well spent.  Enjoy the journey.