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Where Social Skills Means Building Relationships



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Why is there so much growth at our camps?

The reasons why we are so effective in helping kids grow and develop is due to the consistent and focused way we use our time camp.

First, we are relentless in pursuing a relationship with each child in the program.  Through this relationship building, meaning, trust, and motivation starts to evolve within the camper.  When these emotional connections are in place, the staff can start to challenge the camper to step outside his or her comfort zone, because it is outside the comfort zone where all the growing and developing happens.  The camper then experiences countless of interactions, what we call “Emotional Corrective Experiences”, which will help grow confidence and further expand the comfort zone. 

Generalizable growth is the ability to understand, endure, and mature emotionally.  Even thought the story might be very different at Learning on the Log compared to the school playground, emotions such as anxiety or fear feel the same.  Using strategies learned with us will help each camper have more success in all parts of his or her life.

At Learning on the Log, we have developed an environment where everyone is welcomed and can feel safe, but it is not always very comfortable.  As my good friend and guru has pointed out, “The price of Change is Discomfort, and Growth requires Change.”