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Men Have Feelings Too!

Even though men and women have equal amount of feelings inside of them, men often do not acknowledge nor talk about many of them.  For example, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, when dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression women are far more likely to seek out a mental health professional for support, while men tend to seek out drugs and/or alcohol for their coping strategies.  The National Center for Health Statistics collaborated these statistics as they reported that only a small fraction of men feeling stress, anxiety, or depression sought out mental health therapy for help.  They concluded that social stigma and worries about masculinity were big causes for men as reasons for staying away from such help.

Last century societal views of what a man is and what a man should handle continue to discourage most men from seeking proper support for their mental health.   The irony is that when overwhelmed, only the strongest and most courageous men (and women) seek mental help as a way to cope.  

Help change these old and incorrect societal views by encouraging a man in your life to seek help with their emotional needs. 

They can always welcome join my support group where we talk As Men, For Men, By Men,

Armann Fenger, LAPC, NCC, MS
Executive Director of Learing on the Log

Atlanta Professional Counseling Associates
6000 Lake Forrest Drive, Suite 555
Atlanta, GA 30328